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21-Feb-12, 19:32
Search warrant results in cannabis find

POLICE who raided Alister Kennedy’s home found cannabis.
Kennedy (29) of Shelligoe Road, Lybster, pleaded guilty by letter to possession of the Class B drug, at Wick Justice of the Peace Court, today, and was fined £200.
The offence occurred on September 10. The accused was said to have a drug problem but was trying to address it.

Mobile offender

Michael Reid (24) of Druid Road, Inverness, was fined £100 and incurred three penalty points when he admitted using his mobile phone while driving.
The offence occurred on January 26, on the A9 at Spittal.

Exceeded the limit

AN offshore worker was clocked driving at 88mph in a 60mph limit on the A99 at Hempriggs on January 4.
William Gunn (23) of Cairnroich, Lybster, admitted the offence and was fined £300. He also incurred five penalty points.