View Full Version : Sweet talking you into your medication

21-Feb-12, 10:16
Chemist will tell you all about taking your pills - without sugar!

A SPOONFUL of sugar might have made the medicine go down in a most delightful way for Mary Poppins’ young charges, but, nowadays, some of us might have need a good deal more, to sweeten the number of pills we have to take.
Just what exactly are they all for, and do we have to take them?
One man who can answer those questions and a few others, is Thurso chemist, Tony McDavitt, who will be giving you the benefit of his knowledge at a talk at the town’s West Church, on Saturday, hosted by Caithness Chest and Heart Support Group.
His theme is “Your medication and its importance to you”. The talk will commence at 2pm and everyone is welcome. Tea and biscuits will be served. There is no charge but a donation would be appreciated.