View Full Version : HI am looking for a dog like this one!!

the grudge
20-Feb-12, 21:20
hi there if any one could help me would be helpfull am looking for a staffie dog looks like she was give to my mate to look after and he sold her behind my back :( if u could help me as i been trying hunt for her ever since as realy missied. xx

20-Feb-12, 22:12
Hi the grudge

If you have not already reported this to the Police then please do so now.

Good luck with finding your girl.

the grudge
20-Feb-12, 22:17
hi there i already did long time ago but there not much they can do i put picks up in places and ask people have staffies but thanks very much she is sadly missed love to mo she is all right have her back home

20-Feb-12, 22:34
Could u ring me plz on 07563023825

21-Feb-12, 18:14
Sorry you lost your dog :( I hope you can get her back. She looks a lot like the dog in the thread below this thread.