View Full Version : Blocked Drain

18-Feb-12, 18:23
Can anyone recommend someone that unblocks drains, specifically a drain to a septic tank?
Thurso area.

Beat Bug
18-Feb-12, 18:26
Invest in a set of rods, it's the cheapest option.

Alice in Blunderland
18-Feb-12, 18:33
Wick Blast are excellent at this I have to call on them quite a lot for this unpleasant job. Graham is very good and prices are reasonable.


Info all in the link.

( which reminds me I need to nip and pay him for the other week he kindly came out ) :Razz

18-Feb-12, 19:34
Agreed about Wick Blast - however they often block just as they enter the tank, if you get a head of water behind the blockage and a stick to poke about where the pipe goes into the tank that'll often solve your problem.

18-Feb-12, 20:49
Or create a different problem if you dont step away from the release fast enough! I would stick to rods as you can stand further back and have a better chance of not being in the splatter zone!

18-Feb-12, 21:06
Lol it's ok there is usually a little delayed reaction - plenty of time to clear the area :)