View Full Version : tonight's quiz nov 5th

05-Nov-06, 17:53
ok peeps I have the quiz prepared but I am choked with the flu and want to go to bed!!!!!!! anyone willing to take over pm me and I will email you the quiz.

05-Nov-06, 18:46
Changilass has kindly taken over so I can go for a bath and some sleep zzzzzzzzzz, changi you are a pure star!!!!!! thank you

05-Nov-06, 20:53
Unicorn, my wee heart bleeds for you

05-Nov-06, 22:48
Well done to all who took part in the quiz tonight. The questions from Unicorn were great.

Winner was Caithness Import - we look forward to your questions next week.

Runners up were AC and Bobsgirl

06-Nov-06, 03:16
Fun quiz, and thanks to both changilass and unicorn, and all the orgers who make me laugh. -H

06-Nov-06, 11:24
Morning all, glad the quiz went good and congrats to winners, I still feel yeuchy :(