View Full Version : Horses let out of their field

15-Feb-12, 21:00
Hi, this may just be a one off, I certainly hope so. My horses were let out of their field, someone had cut the wire that was holding the gate shut and they were found roaming late this afternoon. Luckily someone managed to block the road down to the main road and they were caught without being hurt or causing an accident. This happened at murkle. Just thought I would let others know, so to keep an extra eye out , just in case it happens again or to someone else.

15-Feb-12, 21:34
I know of someone else that this has happened to more towards Watten...

15-Feb-12, 22:21
When did it happen to them?

15-Feb-12, 23:44
About 2 weeks ago. Ask Chaz on here for details...

the grudge
18-Feb-12, 16:19
hi there i was the same with my hourses but they did it up at my house closed gate be hind them lucky my friend had come up told us as we wouldnt have knowing at all as we have 40 acers of field they juct keep doing it we even got a chain anf they cut it and still done it they use let r ducks out shut door till one night they taken them all shut the door behind them that was at hasster area u cant see r house as it off the road area