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15-Feb-12, 11:44
Decision 'a good result for road safety and common sense' says MSP

HIGHLANDS and Islands Labour MSP, David Stewart, who wrote to the Transport Secretary, The Rt Hon Justine Greening back in November last year, asking the Government to seriously consider making no change to the proposals to increase the duration of a valid MOT from one year to two, has announced that the Government have listened to the many views put forward and have intimated that there will now be no change.
In his letter of response, Mike Penning MP, Under Secretary of State at the Department of Transport said “ We have taken two immediate steps. Firstly, having listened closely to the very many views put forward and considered the available evidence, due to road safety concerns, we have decided that we are not going to carry out further work in relaxing the first test date or frequency of testing. In addition we will work with relevant organisations to arrange mystery shopper exercise and we have invited key motoring organisations to carry out customer surveys and to establish a sub –group to the Motorists Forum to deliver a broad band range of objectives to enhance customer experience”.
David Stewart said “ This result is a good result for road safety and common sense. I argued that there are many vehicles on the road already whose condition is poor. At least with the annual MOT we can address the issue with these vehicles within a year. If the Governments proposals had got the green light, that period between testing would have increased to two years. I am delighted that the Government have listened to all who raised concerns with them and I am satisfied that they made the right decision on this occasion”.