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13-Feb-12, 18:20
Two accused refused to identify driver of car they took so receive same sentences

A SHERIFF told two men that, as they had refused to say who was driving a car they stole, they would both receive the same sentence.
Andy Robertson, of Gunn’s Terrace and Ryan Malcolm, who lives in Thurso Road, both Wick, were each fined 300 and ordered to pay the owner of the car they collided with, compensation of 342 each.
The 20-year-olds pleaded guilty to taking and driving away a car from Gunn’s Terrace, Wick, on January 7. The each told police that the other had been driving. The owner of the car had paid for repairs costing 684.
Solicitor Neil Wilson described it as a “drunken prank”
Sheriff Andrew Berry told the accused that stealing anyone’s property was serious enough, but the offence was made worse when it involved taking a car which had then collided with another vehicle.
The sheriff added that neither of them had had the integrity to say which of them had been driving, so they would receive the same fine and disqualification of six months. He cautioned them about the consequences of driving while disqualified.

Impatient at being stuck in traffic

TWO holidaymakers, who became frustrated when caught in a line of traffic and repeatedly overtook vehicles, were each fined 400 and incurred six penalty points.
They were Simon Wainright (44) of Easingworld, Yorkshire, and Trevor Bradley (41) from Putney, London who admitted having driven carelessly.
The court was told that the offence occurred on March 25, last year, between Dounreay and Thurso.
The accused’s two cars got caught into a convoy of Dounreay workers travelling home after their shift and they had become “a little bit too impatient” and had performed the series of overtaking manoeuvres, in order to “push their way up the line”.

Youth had only faint recollection of accident

SENTENCE on a teenager, who admitted driving dangerously and with excess alcohol, was deferred until February 27.
Shane McPhee subsequently required hospital treatment in Glasgow after he lost control of the car he was driving, on September 29, 2010. The vehicle rolled over a few times before coming to rest on the A99 near Forse House.
The 18-year-old sustained muiltiple injures including a fractured skull and was initially treated at Caithness General Hospital. He was said to have had only “a faint recollection” of the accident and there was no indication as to what had caused him to lose control.
Tests revealed that McPhee, of Shelligoe road, Lybster, had a blood-alcohol of 119 mgs-the limit is 80mgs.
Solicitor Sheena Mair said that the accused had tried to attend to his 13-year-old passenger and knocked on several doors before getting a response from someone he knew, who set off for the hospital with both the injured, but was met on the way by an ambulance.
Sheriff Berry continued the case for precise information about any injuries the young passenger might have sustained.

Driver was almost three times the limit

The sheriff said it was “remarkable” that a driver with such a high reading, thought he was alright to drive.
The accused Daniel Ross, of School Place, Forss, admitted the offence in Thurso, on October 12. An off-duty policeman became suspicious about the manner of Ross’s driving and informed his uniformed colleagues. Tests revealed a blood-alcohol level of 234 mls.
Ross (48) who admitted a previous conviction, was ordered to carry out 160 hours unpaid work in the community and was banned from driving for two years and eight months.

Benefit fraudster to carry out community work

WICK woman Sarah Marshall, of Dunnet Avenue, Wick, had previously admitted failing to advise Job centre Plus of a change in her circumstances and received 9,500 to which she was not entitled.
The offence occurred between May 13, 2007 and August 10, 2010 when the accused was living in Reiss.
She was ordered to 90 hours unpaid work in the community.

Gas used to control man who resisted police.

Donald McPhee shouted and swore at police officers on patrol, at The Shore, Wick, and began to struggle when arrested. Officers were only able to handcuff him after administering two short bursts of CS gas.
McPhee (36) of Traill Street, Castletown, admitted resisting the police, and a previous record.
Sheriff Berry who described the accused’s conduct, November 19, as “wholly inappropriate” ordered him to carry out 90 hours unpaid community work.

Assaulted pensioner

A WICK man, who assaulted a 65-year-old in Robin’s Chip Shop, in Thurso, was ordered to carry out the maximum number of unpaid community service hours-300.
Andrew Miller (22) of Hill Avenue, Wick, had previously admitted punching Paul Connelly on the head, on January 11.
Sheriff Berry described the accused’s conduct as “absolutely disgraceful”.