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04-Nov-06, 19:46
Words that are Invisable ta others, i tend ta see, all the
hidden meaning's and heart felt plea's ..
I Feel yer torment as you do mine.
Phill we're in this untill, end of Mortal time.....
I Dream, I Dream and I Dream some more, of yer gentle
touch, tha'll allow me to Soar.
You'd never hold me back, Only give me yer all.
Together maybe, just maybe we can crumble this Wall.
** **
I think of you more than i should.
I'd never Question you, simply cause I could.
Illiberal and Mortal beings they'll no let US shine
Smiling, I'd only Unlock that chains of Unchanged Time.
Phill I'd Only set you free and there fore You've no reason
ta Question me..
If we but trust each other, one day we'll have no need ta cover.
No need ta pretend, we could live this life free ta the end.
** **
I never knew i could feel .... feel .... Real ..........
But i do when i think of you....
Deep within my scarred heart ah but there is a little spark.
Phill I know we can re-kindle all this lost emotions..
Have love filled with true passion and be just US ...
Nope id never want ta hold you down ....
I wish .. i wish .. i wish ta be free .....and you with ME ....
************************************************** ***************