View Full Version : Do you still use Manual Books or Spreadsheets for your Book-keeping?

11-Feb-12, 21:14
Isn't this time consuming and taking up most of your time. Then let Liz sort them out for you.

Having my own QuickBooks package I can take your books or spreadsheets and input the details for you, this usually involves a few hours work within the inital set-up depending on the volume of work needed and then can be managed monthly if required or what ever suits you the Client.

I have over 12 years experience with QuickBooks including using Multi-currency if need be.

If you are interested in this solution then please contact Liz for further details
EK Accounting & Admin Services
Email :Liz.kerr@dktraining.com (Liz.kerr@dktraining.com)
Tel: 01955 661328

01-Mar-12, 19:28
If you are not sure what QuickBooks is or does, would you like to see a trial first.
Do you already have the package and just need a little training then this can be arranged to.

Please contact Liz for further details.