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08-Feb-12, 14:20
HI-Scot Credit Union crosses “The Pond”

HI-Scot Credit Union, the Credit Union for the Highlands and Islands, has just enjoyed its busiest start to a year in its five year history.
Membership now stands at over 2000 and interest in the credit union just continues to grow.
However, this success does not mean HI-Scot are resting on their laurels. In fact they have just announced the introduction of a new product, a Credit Union Pre-Paid Debit Card.
The Pre-Paid Debit Card is electronically loaded with funds from a member’s account. The card can then be used to withdraw cash at any ATM, and it can be used to purchase goods in stores, by telephone or over the internet.
The first Pre-Paid card to be issued by HI-Scot has in fact been already used in the United States, a member of HI-Scot had occasion to be working in the USA in January this year and took the card with them as a convenient and safe way of accessing her credit union funds.
Commenting on HI-Scot’s continued success, David Mackay, HI-Scot General Manager said: “There are many reasons why individuals are looking at there local credit union for saving and borrowing, the banking crisis has dented confidence and people want a Financial Organisation which they feel they can trust and one that exists solely for the benefit of its members, that is exactly what the Credit union offers.”
So, five years on from very small beginnings in the Western Isles to providing a service in the USA it seems like there is no stopping this Highland and Island success story.
If you would like to become a member of the largest credit union in the region, please telephone 01851 701865, e mail info@hi-scot.com or log onto our website at www.hi-scot.com (http://www.hi-scot.com/)