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08-Feb-12, 14:12
Caithness Courier review February 8, 2012

North-COAST crofters are being warned to be on the lookout for a “killer beast” which is rumoured to be prowling fields of the Far North. It comes after the carcase of a ewe was found, stripped to the bone at Swordly, near Bettyhill in North Sutherland. Andy McLachlan (54) of Kirtomy, said a big cat has been spotted on the border between Caithness and North Sutherland on a number of occasions. He said the potential danger the animal presents, was displayed last month when the sheep was killed. The attack, on livestock belonging to crofter George Mackay, is thought to have taken place around Saturday, January 28. Mr McLachlan said the carcase may have been around a week old, but claimed it would have taken a large animal, not native to the Far North, to kill the sheep.

ALSO on the front page...news that a move is afoot to revive Wick’s Hogmanay street party. For the first time in 10 years, the town saw the New Year in with a whimper, as the annual Hogmanay street party was cancelled due to a lack of volunteers. Now, Alan Farquhar has issued a rallying call to the community and has invited everyone who shares his enthusiasm, to get in touch with him. He said he was saddened to see the streets empty at New Year when he had become accustomed to seeing thousands of revellers enjoying themselves and is determined to make sure Wickers don’t spend Hogmanay apart again.

AFTER unearthing coins believed to be worth thousands of pounds, a Caithness treasure hunter has doubled his find. Metal detector enthusiast, Mikie Aitken, was in a state of disbelief when he found an extra 18 coins which date back to the 13th century, at the weekend. When he returned to his secret site on Saturday to see if there were any other coins waiting to be discovered, Mr Aitken from Four Acres, Killimister said he couldn’t believe his luck. Aided by a new tool to counter the frozen surface he uncovered a second batch of coins bringing his total up to 27. If allowed to keep them, he is keen to see them donated to a local museum in Wick or Thurso.

A CAITHNESS businessman, who raised thousands to help rescue his critically-ill brother from the the other side of the world, has praised the support he received locally. Picture Box and Hush boutique owner Mark Taylor swam six miles of the Pentland Firth scaled the three highest peaks in the UK and cycled over 600 miles, all in under a week last year to bring home his little brother Matthew, who had been left for dead after a motorcycle accident in Bali. Mark said that he managed to raise $7,311.44 which went towards the huge hospital bill that his English-teacher brother ran up, as he did not have travel insurance. He added: “The locals across Caithness have been really inspiring. Matthew is not a local boy, the link is between me, Caithness and the shops.”

A NEW high for tourism in Caithness could be set this summer, as a record number of cruise ships set sail for Scrabster harbour. A total of 13 ships are heading for Thurso Bay between May and September bringing an unprecedented wave of potential tourists to the county. Roughly 4000 seagoing passengers will disembark at the harbour during the summer months. Scrabster Harbour Trust manager, Sandy Mackie, said that it should be a great year for the port which is also seeing a multi-million pound redevelopment to take on the renewable energy market. “If all the ships come in, it will be a record for Scrabster. Cruise ships are an important area of our business, one that we see for potential growth. We’ve embarked on a marketing strategy which is now bearing fruit, as reflected in the growing numbers.”

CALLS are being made for the public to be made aware of how offenders are paying their dues to communities where they have committed crimes. Royal Burgh of Wick Community Council treasurer, Geraldine Durrand, said that they public has a right to know that justice is being served. She aired her views at a meeting on Monday after noting that a high number of offenders sentenced at Wick Sheriff Court were ordered to carry out unpaid work in the community. Mrs Durrand said that she, and a number of people, are unaware of what work these offenders are actually doing. She is now asking the Criminal Justice Service in Caithness to make the public more aware of how these people are paying for their crimes.

WORKERS in Caithness have been praised for their exceptional skills after completing the last section of the longest pipeline bundle which has ever been constructed. The pipeline which is 3.1 miles long and contains three pipes was pulled off the beach on January 17 by seven tugs from a 4.3 mile track which stretched inland at Wester. The bundle which was constructed by the team at the Subsea 7 yard at Wester, was towed to the Andrew Field, 140 miles from Aberdeen where it will be connected to three other bundles to create a 16.8 mile section of pipework.

CLAIMS that businesses charities and the public sector are being excluded from an Air Discount Scheme, has been described as nonsense by Rob Gibson. The MSP for Caithness, Sutherland and Ross, dismissed claims from Highlands and Islands MSP David Stewart, who said that the Scottish Government is playing “fast and loose” with the initiative.