View Full Version : missing black cat thurso

07-Feb-12, 22:23
my mums black cat has gone missing in the ormlie area of thurso since sunday the 05/02/12. she is all black with a tiny bit of white under chin, she also has a collar with a bell attached to it, any information would be appreciated

still no sign of our cat:~(

14-Feb-12, 23:21
its now been a week and a half since our cat went missing. again if anyone knows any info please get in touch, thanks

15-Feb-12, 14:24
Sorry to hear that your mums cat has gone missing :( i will keep an eye out on her .

Nick Noble
15-Feb-12, 14:41
there was one I'd not seen before crying in Ironside Place yesterday about 1100am

I'll keep my eyes open - does the cat have a name?

15-Feb-12, 17:44
yeah its snuggles, she's black but in some light she looks brownish, she has a black collar on but no bell, i forgot she doesnt wear it anymore, thank you x