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07-Feb-12, 13:30
Hi, we have a young black cat (in Castletown) who goes missing for days sometimes weeks - it has now been over a week, in the past when he returned he seemed to be well and clean just very hungry. He would stay in for a couple of days eating all he can and then he would be off again. Can anybody tell us why he does this or if they have seen him so we can at least have peace of mind knowing where about he is. He has been neutered (around 7 weeks ago) and has a red collar with a name tag inscribed mickey with our house number on the reverse side. Thank you.

08-May-12, 18:36
*bump* mickey is off again :confused this time since middle of April, he may no longer have the collar and tag as as they kept breaking off he was on his 4rth. I have included a pic of mickey so if you spot him can you let us know really just as peace of mind that he is safe and that we know where about he is when he does go off for weeks. Thank you


15-May-12, 14:08
*bump* added contact number 01847 821 077 or you can pm me ir reply here if you see him, thanks

31-May-12, 11:48
bump bump bump

31-May-12, 13:52
I am sorry your cat is missing. Has he been castrated? His wonering behaviour sound like a male that has not been dressed.

01-Jun-12, 20:31
Not sure if it is Mickey because I've never seen a collar on him but a male that looks the same and is dressed hangs around the woodland area just passed harland road, never seen anyone feeding him or anything though but my mum has cats and she lives near there so he might be eating theirs hense not needing to come back for large periods of time. Hope this helps x

03-Jun-12, 06:02
Thanks yes he is dressed i shall keep an eye out there to see if it is him, thanks again