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03-Nov-06, 19:28
I saw on a bird reporting site, Birdguides that there was one seen in Halkirk today. I am a Waxwing Fanatic and had a similair thread last year.

Anyone seen one yet??? I am itching to get out and look, only problem is it is dark outside.LOL

A photo of one can be found here.

04-Nov-06, 02:15
Have never managed to catch a site of this bird although we did manage a site of a Shreik a couple years back.

04-Nov-06, 09:47
Lizz, they are one of the most beautiful birds I have ever seen. They are funny looking things as well..In 2004 there was an invasion and flocks up to 1000 were seen in Morayshire. I hope you get to see one this year.:D

I saw my first Shrike on Noss Head about 5-6 weeks, it was a Gret Grey and it was a comical looking bird too.

09-Dec-06, 12:50
Thought you'd like to know there is a waxwing in Watten today (9/12), it was eating my rosehips at 10.30am. I've got a few pics of him/her but hoping it will come back and pose some more. I do hope so.

09-Dec-06, 17:57
Nice one, I hope it comes back to you. Post the photos if you can.:D

10-Dec-06, 17:35
When I lived in Thurso, Kas.. I saw a waxwing down next to the rectory oe year. As you say, they are beautiful.