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06-Feb-12, 12:19
There are many good dog owners in Wick who pick up the dog's mess. Unfortunately there are a minority who do not both - they obviously do not care about children's health especially.

I would also thank those westie dog owners who allow there dog to use my front garden as a public convenience!!!

snow tiger
06-Feb-12, 17:01
Not all westie dog owners don't pick up there dog mess the minority do pick up after the dogs

06-Feb-12, 17:11
Its the same in thurso, I myself have a dog and although he can be a pain his mess is always picked up, theres only 1 way that you cant pick it up and thats when the dog has the runs! Believe me its not easy to try pick that up. Other than that its just lazyness, theres no excuse to either let your dog roam free or leave its mess behind!

06-Feb-12, 23:56
^ I completely agree! I'm a dog owner in thurso also, and I think it's nuts the amount of mess there is! Especially when it's in the middle of the pavement... It only takes like 3 seconds, so there's no need to be irresponsible!

07-Feb-12, 00:03
yes thurso is very bad, I have a really short walk to my little boys nursery and he stands in it at least once a week (think he does it on purpose sometimes as I always tell him to watch out and he goes straight through it) have also got it on my pram wheels a couple of times and brought it into the house - yuck! I'm not shy about telling people to pick it up if I see it happening, have been told to f off a few times but usually people are embarrased

07-Feb-12, 00:12
This is my biggest hate about some dog owners! Walking from my house to the town (literally 5 minutes) i came across at least 10 dog poopies the other day, 10! How ridiculous is that? Also there is someone who lets their dog drop its load on my front garden daily! If i catch that person/people, i will pick it up and throw it at them.

And lastly....i have seen someone walk their kids to school, take the dog too (thats fine) but i have seen that dog poop at least twice right outside the school, and its not picked up.

Personally i dont like picking up dog mess, but that is reason number 8 that i dont have a dog. I have 10 reasons...but thats a whole other thread. I do love doggies tho

07-Feb-12, 00:28
your still on the org shelley lol how have you got so many green things? i'm never off here and I never get any new ones :( think I should start swearing

08-Feb-12, 18:44
From Lidl's carpark here in Wick I watched this dog wandering along (the owner and friend were walking behind), the dog stopped right at the gate to the old cemetary and left a large deposit, by then I'd driven off but keeping an eye on my rear-view mirror I noted the dog owner just completely ignore the steaming heap and walk right on by it! I've said this before on here and umpteen times too but this really does miff me off.

mop top
09-Feb-12, 12:11
Descriptions of dogs and owners, times etc all very useful in nabbing offenders. This info can be passed on confidentially to the TEC service office on 01955 607737. It is useful to have a contact tel no so you can be contacted for any more relevant info but your details will never be passed on the the party being complained about.

We all as residents of Caithness have a right to a clean enviroment and dog fouling is something we do not have to tolerate! there is no reason why you cannot offer offenders a bag and shame them into cleaning up. The Green Walkers Scheme has also recently been launched in Argyle Square to tackle this problem and is community led, if anyone is interested in starting up a similiar scheme in their area please get in touch.