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05-Feb-12, 21:29
Hi. I not sure what i am after. Bit advice. Other peoples stories. My friends wee cocker was taken to vet through night on Wednesday. She was lethargic and not herself. They diagnosed autoimmune disease. She was put on periods. Had x ray . She has slightly enlarged liver . She got to come home for weekend but was rushed in again today after being sick. She has stopped eating now. She has to go back tomorrow for another blood test to see what levels are. I have read a bit about this disease. My friend is just so distraught. I wish i could do or say something to make it better. She fears her wee dog is fading away :(

06-Feb-12, 09:14
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Definition of canine auto-immune disease, including research, and treatment ... Once suspected, diagnosis is confirmed by specific blood tests and biopsy for ...

07-Feb-12, 19:56
My dog was diagnosed with automimmune when she was 4. She was very ill when she was diagnosed but after a bit of trial and error with medication (predinisilone steroids) she had a happy healthy life and lived until she was 10 which although not really really old was more than I dared hope for when she was diagnosed. We had to get her pts last year as she had severe glaucoma and needed an eye removed but was not fit due to having by this time Cushings disease as well as Autoimmune.

The Cushings was brought on by the steroids but without them she would have bled to death. When she was first diagnosed with autoimmune she had to be on a large dose of steroids but this was gradually reduced (under vet instruction) until she was only on half a tablet every second day. We did try her off the steroids once (again under vet instruction) but unfortunately the automimmune flared up again so she had to remain on them. She then led a happy healthy life right up until the end. She was a sweetheart.

The vets are great and will keep your friend right. I hope things will come good for your friends wee dog and that they have many more years together. x