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02-Feb-12, 02:30
The Caithness Business Index (http://www.caithness-business.co.uk) has posted the following article:

Seal licensing system working well

Following the introduction of new measures in 2011 to protect seals, including strict licensing conditions for seal shootings, indications are that the first year has worked well. In the first three quarters of 2011, 362 seals were shot - 27 per cent of the permitted maximum under licence - considerably lower than estimates by environmental groups of over 3,000 seals each year prior to the new system. ... [Read Full Article (http://www.caithness-business.co.uk/article.php?id=2776)]

02-Feb-12, 08:48
Mmm.... I thought that licensing conditions in respect of the culling of seals by salmon farmers etc., existed long before 2011.
But then again, I have been known to be wrong! :roll: