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31-Jan-12, 16:56
Hello all!

Just a heads up for all the Wick ladies who have expressed an interest in being part of Caithness only Ladies Football club...

We are looking to start training in the next couple of weeks... We are looking to book the Wick All weather pitch for Sunday the 19th for a taster session then move training to week nights.

Caithness Ladies have a very exciting season ahead including a Scottish cup campaign and numerous friendlies...If competition isn't what your looking for training is always fun and aimed at people of all abilities

Come along and see for yourself!

any questions feel free to ask

Mark Mckenzie
Head Coach
Caithness Ladies Football Club

01-Feb-12, 14:46
Just off the phone to Wick High school about booking the pitch, waiting for a call back to confirm which day and time training will be held!

please spread the word and be part of the fastest growing sport in the world!

01-Feb-12, 15:40
the First session will take place at the Wick all weather pitch TUESDAY 21ST of February! 7pm to 8pm! Hope to see you all there

Spread the word

06-Feb-12, 17:14
Just to answer a couple of questions ;

1.Yes Caithness ladies will be in Wick every Tuesday 7pm to 8pm at the High school all weather pitch (at least to the end of March, hopefully move on to grass around then)

2. you don't need football boots, just normal sports wear is fine

3. First session is free then probably 1 per session after that (Cost hasn't been confirmed yet but wont be any more than stated)

Thank you for all the interest so far! much appreciated!

keep spreading the word and hopefully see you there!

Caithness Ladies Football Club

20-Feb-12, 12:27
So girls! Tomorrow is the day! Looking forward to seeing you all! Wick high school astro turf 7pm to 8pm!MarkCaithness Ladies Football Club

20-Feb-12, 23:37
Aw would o fancied a go but at a different keep fit class from 6:30 to 7:30, keep me posted if the day time changes!!Good luck

21-Feb-12, 13:28
That's unfortunate, we have the pitch booked up untill the end of March the day and time will possible change then! Thank you for your intrest and have fun at keep fit!

21-Feb-12, 13:34
miller30.. just pop over for the last 20/30 mins

26-Feb-12, 19:26
Hope we get more new faces that the footie this week