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31-Jan-12, 10:05
Former drug snorter given chance to start a new life

A WICK man, who snorted mephedrone to such an extent that he had to have surgery on his nose, has kicked the habit, the town’s sheriff court heard yesterday.
Andrew Harper was given a chance by Sheriff Andrew Berry to start a new life in Edinburgh with his girlfriend. The accused was ordered to carry out 100 hours of unpaid community work.
The 18-year-old had previously admitted having been concerned in the supply of the drug between Aprill 16 and June 10, 2010.. During that period, he shared the mephedrone on eight occasions with a friend, James McPhee who he had taken in following as split with his girlfriend.
Solicitor George Mathers said that Harper had started taking the drug when it was legal and continued to do so, after legislation made it an offence.
Referring to the effect it had had, Mr Mathers said that plastic surgery was required and, consequently, it had changed the shape of his nose and made him self conscious about it.
Harper had stopped taking mephedrone and now only took drugs prescribed by his doctor.
Mr Mathers added that the accused had been assaulted while in prison and was “terrified” at the possible prospect of a custodial sentence.
Sheriff Berry described the circumstances of the offence as “unusual” and told Harper, of Girnigoe Street, Wick: “Your solicitor is right to stress that a charge involving the distribution of drugs, is serious."
The sheriff also observed that the accused had not offended since the drugs charge.

Threatened to petrol bomb the Comm

TWO Thurso men, who threatened to petrol bomb a local pub, were remanded in custody yesterday pending reports.
The pair, Peter McGrory (30) and Mark Macleod (28) made the threat after the barman refused to serve one of them, the sheriff at Wick was told.
Initially, McGrory was on his own in the Commercial Bar and there was no problem. However, he was joined shortly after 6pm by Macleod who, said senior fiscal depute, David Barclay, was “not welcome” in the pub.
He was asked to leave by the owner, Scott Youngson and the pair responded by shouting an swearing. Outside they shouted the petrol bomb threat through a window.
Sheriff Andrew Berry described the incident as “extremely serious” and noted that both accused were currently subject to community payback orders.
McGrory, of Falconer Waters Court and Macleod, who lives in Pennyland Drive, both Thurso, were remanded in custody pending reports to be submitted on February 17. They admitted a charge of threatening or abusive behaviour.