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30-Jan-12, 20:43
<font size="6"><span style="font-family: franklin gothic medium;">Drunk man threatened to 'torture' police<br></span></font><br>A WICK man who ‘lost the plot’ at his home and continued to abuse police at the police station, was said to remember nothing about the incidents.<br>Graeme Sinclair admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner and was ordered to carry out 200 hours unpaid work in the community.<br>Wick Sheriff Court&nbsp;was told today,&nbsp;that it was his father who called in the police after his son arrived at his home in Gunn’s Terrace, Wick, in the early hours of January 7.&nbsp; Police arrested Sinclair (28) after trying unsuccessfully to speak to him, and the abuse continued at the police station where the accused continued to shout and swear at officers, threatening to “torture” them and damage their homes.<br>Solicitor George Mathers said that, normally, after a drinking session, Sinclair would have some memory of events but, on this occasion, he had no recall of the incident.&nbsp; He did remember having been assaulted while he was out and was in an irate mood when he got home.<br>Mr Mathers described the threats as “ridiculous, idiotic, but nasty”, although he added that there was no possibility of them being carried out.&nbsp; Sinclair was “thoroughly ashamed” of his conduct. &nbsp;He had acknowledged he had a drink problem and was willing to get help.&nbsp; The prospect of going to prison frightened him.<br>SheriffAndrew Berry told the accused that continuing to offend would lead him to prison.&nbsp; Reports showed that the accused, due to start work as an offshore roughneck, was a person with a strong work ethic but his problem with drink changed him into “an uncontrolled lout”.<br>&nbsp;<br><font size="4"><span style="font-family: franklin gothic medium;">Teenager’s conduct was heard in neighbour’s house<br></span></font>&nbsp;<br>A NEIGHBOUR’S children were awakened by the disturbance Maxwell Tuck created after he arrived home in the early hours, under the influence of drink.<br>He shouted and swore while addressing some issues with his mother.&nbsp;&nbsp; When the police arrived at the house in Park Avenue, Thurso, on Sunday, Tuck spat at two of the officers and threatened to “f------kill them”.<br>Tuck (18) who appeared from custody,&nbsp;admitted charges of assault and threatening or abusive conduct.<br>He was&nbsp;further remanded,&nbsp;pending reports to the court on&nbsp;February 17. <br>&nbsp;<br><font size="4"><span style="font-family: franklin gothic medium;">Fined and banned<br></span></font>&nbsp;<br>Lynene Cardosi was fined £400 and banned from driving for a year, after she admitted a drinks-driving offence.<br>It occurred in the car park of the Co-op store in Thurso, on May 22, last year.&nbsp; Tests revealed that Cardosi, (41) of Quarryside Crofthouse, East Murkle, had a blood-alcohol reading of 133 mgs.&nbsp; The limit is 80mgs.<br>&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;<br>