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25-Jan-12, 17:04
Contact Highland Council as soon as you can to avoid eviction

COUNCIL house tenants in Caithness, who run into difficulties paying their rent, are urged to get in touch with the authority as soon as possible so that the ultimate sanction of eviction can be avoided.
The appeal came from Councillor Margaret Davidson, chair of Highland Council’s Housing and Social Work Committee following the publication of a report by Shelter Scotland this week, dealing with the issue of evictions by social landlords.
Noting the comments from the housing charity, on Highland’s eviction figures, she said that the council had a clear policy on rent arrears which did involve considering eviction as the last resort, but it believed that its policy and procedures on arrears meet with best practice.
Councillor Davidson continued: “We intervene early in all cases and offer all the advice and assistance we can, to try to prevent people falling into arrears. We also make sure that people have access to independent advice and assistance with their legal rights.”
She added: “My advice to tenants is to contact the council or an independent advice agency as soon as possible. If they are facing problems with rent so that we can prevent the possibility of eviction.