View Full Version : Call all Self Employed people

25-Jan-12, 16:21
If you are self employed and have been given a self assessment form to fill in online, then you only have till midnight on 31st January to file this otherwise you could be fined by HMRC 100.00. If your online tax return is late, you'll have to pay a penalty, even if you have no tax to pay or if you pay all the tax you owe on time.

If you need help at all with any questions on your self assessment then give Liz a call on 01955 661328 send pm or email liz@dktraining.com with any of your queries and see if I can help.

If paperwork is getting you down then why not get a bookkeeper, Doing your own bookkeeping might take up all your time which could be better spent growing your business. References can be provided on request.