View Full Version : Next Round of Bargains Here!

Mrs Sweetie
25-Jan-12, 15:55
I'm pleased to be able to give you details of the new monthly bargains at Meiklejohns, 5 Thurso Street, Wick:

Kinder Bueno - any 2 for 80p
Cadbury Eclairs/Maynards Winegums/Bassett's Murray Mints/Liquorice Allsorts/Jelly Babies/Midget Gems - bags price marked 1 - any 2 for 1.75
Daim bar/Chocolate Orange Bar/Milka/Milka Daim/Toblerone - any 3 1
Tango 500ml juice/Pepsi 500ml varieties as stocked - only 69p each
Lucozade 380ml varieties as stocked - any 2 for 1.40
McCoys crisps as stocked - any 2 for 1
Cadbury creme egg/caramel egg/Screme egg - any 2 for 85p
Cheese Puffs/Bacon Rashers/Salt & Vinegar Sticks/Onion Rings snacks - any 2 for 1
Cadbury Mini Eggs bag - rrp 1.20, our price 1
We have also received stocks of the new Cadbury Bubbly bar. Not to be confused with the one that was on the market a few years ago, this is a larger bar with the top shaped as bubbles. We currently have the milk chocolate one and are waiting for stocks of the one with milk chocolate on the outside and white chocolate on the inside.

Thank you!