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25-Jan-12, 12:09
Carelessess costs some drivers fines and points

THREE drivers were fined and incurred penalty points at Wick Justice of the Peace Court’s monthly sitting.
Andrew Foster (44) of Threipland Place, Spittal, was fined £215 and incurred three points, after he admitted a carelessly driving charge and not having a test certificate.
He attempted to overtake a vehicle which was making a right-hand turn on the A9 at Banniskirk, on October 5, and it resulted in a collision.
POLICE attention was attracted by the sound of a car reving and it led to John Robertson being charged.
Robertson (23) of Hospital Road, Wick, admitted driving carelessly in High Street, Wick, on July 1, last year. He was fined £180 and disqualified for 20 days.
Kevin Owen veered over the centre line of the A882 while crossing Haster Bridge, in a momentary lapse of concentration. The 46-year-old who lives at Dale Farm Cottages, in Westerdale, admitted driving carelessly and was admonished but incurred three penalty points. The offence occurred on April 19.

Lorry was overloaded

POLICE observing a lorry, on the Thurso-Shebster road, on October 20, formed the view that it was overloaded and a test confirmed their suspicion.
The vehicle was licensed to carry a maximum load of 3,500 kilos but had been carrying 5260 kilos.
The driver, James Pollard of Ackergill Crescent, Wick, was fined £300 and his employers, Hill of Forss-based, Pentland Construction, were fined £400. Both accused pleaded guilty by letter.

Search revealed drugs

POSSESSION of three Class B drugs cost Steven Lindsay fines totalling £400.
The offence came to light during a police search of a house in Bank Street, Thurso, on September 29. They discovered cannabis resin, amphetamines and diazepam. The drugs had a street value of around £150.
Lindsay (21) of Stroma Road, Thurso, pleaded guilty

Assailant told to behave

A WICK man who assaulted a customer at the town’s Wetherspoon pub was given an opportunity to demonstrate he could behave himself.
Fiscal Mr Barclay said that there may have been “a background of antagonism” which led to Kevin Anderson (30) punched Stewart Steven on his head. The incident which occurred on November 11, was sparked and alcohol excess.
Anderson, of Proudfoot Road, Wick, pleaded guilty and was given a six months good behaviour bond.

No insurance

HAVING no insurance cover on his car resulted in Shaun MacNab being fined £300 and his licence debited with six penalty points.
MacNab, of Corner Crescent, Wick, admitted the offence. The court was told that it was more of a misunderstanding rather than a deliberate attempt to avoid cover.
It was explained that the 19-year-old, a first offender, had purchased a car in Sutherland and had been “labouring under the misapprehension” that he was covered under his mother’s policy.
The offence came to light while police were making enquiries into an incident on the A99 Hempriggs-Wick road, on November 26.