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24-Jan-12, 18:14
Former Caithness staff won't see a penny of the massive pay-out

EX-WOOLIES staff, who lost their jobs when the company crashed, won’t share in multi-million pound compensation.
They were among 24,000 workers made redundant when the popular store went into administration at the end of 2008. But at a tribunal recently, their union won award of 60 days pay after a decision that the administrators had failed in their legal duty to consult with the union before making redundancies, reports the BBC today.
Sadly, though former Caithness workers won’t receive a penny. Sharing the compensation package of 67.8m will not include to some 3000 who worked in smaller branches where fewer than 20 redundancies were made.
Because the defunct chain was in administration at the time of the redundancies, responsibility for compensation payments rest with the taxpayer through the Government Redundancy Payments Office.
The stores at Wick and Thurso only employed 15 fulltime and partime workers, each, and means they will get nothing.