View Full Version : Police warn of advertising scam

24-Jan-12, 17:38
Beware of cut price offers by fraudsters

POLICE are urging the public of the Highlands and Islands to be vigilant following reports of an alleged advertising scam.
Over the past few days police have had a number of reports relating to suspicious phonecalls received by the public. These calls were from people stating they were selling advertising space on behalf of the police. On two occasions they even gave the names of non-existent police officers.
The fraudsters are offering people cut price adverts and may even be asking people to pay for these by providing their bank details over the phone.
Northern Constabulary does not sell advertising space in any publication and if anyone receives a call offering such a service they should treat it as a scam.
Police would also advise the public that they should never give out bank details over the phone and if they suspect a scam to contact their nearest station with as many details as possible.
There are more details about various types of scam on the Northern Constabulary website. Just go the following page Northern Constabulary Scam Advice Page. (http://www.northern.police.uk/scams.htm)