View Full Version : Have you recently been a patient at Raigmore Hospital?

24-Jan-12, 10:39
Take medical advice if you have symptoms of Clostridium difficile

NHS Highland, currently tacking an outbreak of Clostridium difficile, has advised any member of the public who has recently been an inpatient at Raigmore Hospital and is concerned about symptoms of diahorrea, to contact their GP or NHS24.
Five patients have been confirmed with the bug. Two have mild symptoms and three have been symptom-free for at least 72 hours. As at midday yesterday, there were no new cases.
Ward 4c remains closed to new admissions or transfers. Any patient requiring a surgical admission will be admitted to one of the other surgical wards. Ward 3A remains open. The hospital itself is running as normal. However, due to the additional pressure on beds due to one ward having been close, a review is being carried out on all patients due to be admitted for a planned operation.
If a decision is made to postpone their operations, the hospital will contact them directly. A spokesman said: “This is not linked to the outbreak but is purely a bed capacity issue.”