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22-Jan-12, 10:55
Given chance but warned not to step out of line

A TEENAGER, who assaulted a Sutherland man has been given a chance by a sheriff but warned of the consequences if he doesn’t take it.
Maxwell Tuck appeared from custody on Friday and admitted the offence which occurred at his home, in Park Avenue, Thurso, on January 5, and a bail breach. He struck David Mackay, 1 Melvich Terrace, Melvich, on the head with a stick.
According to Tuck’s solicitor, Neil Wilson, the accused was “chasing a drunken man from his house”.
Mr Wilson told the Wick Sheriff Court that Tuck had been remanded for 14 days and would like to avoid returning to prison.
Sheriff Andrew Berry observed that Tuck had managed to commit a few offences since returning from Canada last March and warned: “That must end today.” The bail order he breached, was imposed last year when he admitted threatening to kill a police officer while being driven to the police station at Thurso, on October 22.
Tuck was ordered to carry out 200 hours unpaid community work, on the assault charge. Sentence was deferred on the bail breach, for a month, during which Tuck will have to demonstrate he can behave.
Sheriff Andrew Berry warned that if the review was not “entirely satisfactory in every way” the accused could expect to “go to prison immediately” in respect of both matters.

Dog trick went wrong

A TRICK a dog was taught went wrong and resulted in a youngster’s face getting scratched.
It happened after Donna Mead turned her back to leave the room of a house in Thurso, briefly to get a drink for one of two pre-school children.
They had approached the dog which had been taught by its previous owner to do a “high five” which led to one of the kids getting scratched. There had been no problem with the dog since.
Mead (28) of Pennyland Drive,Thurso, appeared for sentence having previously been placed on a six-month good behaviour bond.
Her solicitor, John McRitchie, said that the accused had accepted having failed to supervise the interaction between the child and the dog.
Sheriff Berry, who heard that Mead had been of good behaviour, admonished her.

Denies sex charge

A THURSO man has been accused of having sex with an underage girl.
Mark Elder, of Bayview Terrace, pleaded not guilty. The charge alleges the offence, with a 13-year-old, took place in the town on Hogmanay.
Elder (20) was granted bail and will stand trial on March 28.

Rape allegation

A PLEA of not guilty to a charge of making a false rape allegation will result in Jane Steven standing trial on March 27.
Steven (41) of Lindsay Drive, Wick, is alleged to have made the allegation at the town’s police station, on July 21, last year.