View Full Version : Cat Killed on Road

Honey Bun
21-Jan-12, 21:06
Our cat was killed on the Castletown/thurso road tonight at about 5.00. Just want to say thank you to the van driver who picked him up off the road and set him unto the grass verge and then returned to see if there was any more he could do. Why is it that when drivers kill an animal they have not got the decency to move the animal of the road. Barney would not have suffered, I am and so is my grandson we are both heartbroken. We got Barney from Balmore last year he was only just over a year old.

21-Jan-12, 21:13
Yeh I dont understand that either, So sorry they are part of the family.

21-Jan-12, 23:11
very sorry to hear about your cat x

22-Jan-12, 00:11
Sorry to hear that your cat was killed.
But a driver doesnt have to stop, report or anything about a cat.
And if its not safe ..that is a judgement call by the driver ..they dont need to stop and remove the cat from the road.
At 5pm it may well have been dangerous to stop, but, the driver may very well be feeling pretty bad about running over a cat ...but not enough to endanger their life...
Its not nice but a cats life never equates to a human life...think if someone was removing the cat from the road and was knocked down too...how would you feel then?
Yup I have had a cat killed on the road too..and it was heartbreaking...but the rules on a cat are different as they roam etc...compared to a dog... you could be libel to the cost of the damage the dog caused to thew vehicle as well as the heartbreak!

23-Jan-12, 16:45
Were sorry to hear of the news Honey Bun. It is a good thing that some people are kind and decent enough to remove them off the road.
Sleep well Barney xx