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21-Jan-12, 11:07
All roads open in Highland area, but take care

All roads in the Northern Constabulary force area are open.

Icy patches are affecting exposed roads in the northern isles.

Elsewhere in the force, heavy rain and stormy conditions overnight have led to surface water on most routes.Up to date information on the condition of roads throughout the Highlands & Islands and the rest of Scotland can be obtained from -
1.Traffic Scotland Helpline:- 0800 028 1414

2.Traffic Scotland Website:- www.trafficscotland.org (http://www.trafficscotland.org/) or

3. from local radio broadcasts (which are regularly updated by Police)

Up to date weather information can be obtained at the Met office website:- www.metoffice.gov.u (http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/)k