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20-Jan-12, 19:21
Suites costing £9000 slashed in furniture store spree

A COURT heard of the “havoc and mayhem” inflicted on a Wick furniture store during a break-in.
The damage caused, ran into thousands of pounds and several items were stolen.
Johnny Gardner had an accomplice but took the blame, Sheriff Andrew Berry was told.
Gardner, of Owen Place, Wick, admitted charges of theft and vandalism and a previous record.
Sheriff Andrew Berry was told that the break-in at A & D Home Furnishers, on the Wick airport industrial estate, occurred over the weekend starting April 9, last year.
After forcing his way into the former Caithness Glass factory, Gardner (19) helped himself to items including a Lazy Boy recliner, a rocking chair, carpet mats and some foreign currency.
While in the store, the accused ran amok in a vandalism spree, slashing five suites costing £9,000 alone, a furniture cabinet, plate glass windows and a section of plasterboard which he kicked in.
Senior fiscal depute, David Barclay, said he didn’t have the total cost of the damage but added it would run into a five figure sum. In addition, there was also disruption to the smooth running of the store. The Lazy Boy and the rocking chair were recovered through information given by the accused.
Gardner had an accomplice but due to the nature of his admission, said Mr Barclay, “found himself alone in the dock”. The break-in had been a spur-of-the moment enterprise.
Sheriff Berry allowed the accused bail pending reports on February 17, but warned him: “It is highly likely that only a prison sentence will be appropriate.”