View Full Version : Dog Walker

19-Jan-12, 14:24
Just wanting to get some feedback as to whether there would be much interest in a dog walking service. It would be around the Thurso area.
Also,pet sitting/boarding.

20-Jan-12, 00:14
if you were willing to do the dog sitting/boarding I wud be interested shame you are in thurso for the walking I have someone but he works ofshore so is only home for 4 weeks xxxxxx

20-Jan-12, 10:35
I dont live in thurso so would travel to out lying areas as long as it's not like wick or anything.But if there were more than one in the same area to make it worth it then that would be different.Thanks for replying.it's something i would love to do but I would be leaving my current job so need to know if there is the need for it.

23-Jan-12, 19:12
well good luck hope you get to do it xxx