View Full Version : snow white.

19-Jan-12, 00:17
Well today was a drama...snow white died ...a dwarf russian hammie who could apparently do to have lived a bit
Ionas first words to Lauren when at school,
were your hamster is dead....it didnt go down welll...
(I tried my best at the hamster swopping at PAH but none were like Snow White....) so she wouldnt know...
then I had a thought ...how many pet shops are there between here and Inverness that sell small furries?
And where are they?
Snow White wasnt old at .3 months we had her (though she was def a he) as we got her in October.
Cheese is still going strong even though he was put on death row in Oct for the cyst on his tummy plus his age,,,but he is the most placid hammie out!

20-Jan-12, 00:17
so sorry to hear about snowy if you got him from pah i wud sp to them as he was so young they shud offer you another I know this not help your wee one but help xxx