View Full Version : pregnant jack russell

16-Jan-12, 00:40
my jack russell tini (tiny) is pregnant and her due date is January the 21st so she can go into labour any-time now :) its such an exciting time but its mine and her first litter so any advice would me much appreciated:) 11696

essex boy
16-Jan-12, 22:58
I got my terrier from the dog pound in Essex. Three weeks later she had 5 pups! 6 for the price of 1! Anyway she just popped hers out one night with no problems so hopefully tini will do the same. The only problem we had was that she would attach our male dog if he went in the same room as them until they were crawling about a bit.

17-Jan-12, 00:10
my dog had pups last yr and she did it all herself so all i can say is keep an eye on her and be ready to help if you need too which I doubt you will xxxxx

17-Jan-12, 00:39
thanks everyone :) will keep you posted