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31-Oct-06, 12:30
Has anyone got a really good recipe for Scottish shortbread ? A New Zealand friend is asking me for one.

31-Oct-06, 13:52
9oz plain (all purpose) flour
3oz caster sugar
6oz unsalted butter (NOT MARGARINE)

Mix flour and sugar. Rub in butter and knead with warm hands until thoroughly combined and smooth (no cracks) – overwork rather than underwork.
Divide into two equal parts and press into the bottom of 2 x 7” lightly buttered cake tins (it should be quite thin). Flute edges with your knuckle. all over with a fork and mark each one into six sections. Sprinkle with granulated sugar.

Bake at 160C for 30 mins. When done it should just start to brown and look a little risen and spongy. Leave to cool just a little then retrace the sections right through the shortbread (do this before it gets cold as the cake becomes very brittle and will break when you try to cut it). Turn out the sections when cold.

31-Oct-06, 21:34
This is a slight variation from Piglet's recipe. The cornflour make it really "short" if you know what I mean.

6oz plain flour
2oz cornflour
2 oz castor sugar
2oz butter
4oz block margarine

Cream butter, marg and sugar. Mix in flour and cornflour. Knead well. Put into 2 x 7” round tins or 1 swiss roll tin and puncture well with a fork. Bake in oven – 160 (fan) - until pale golden. As soonas it’s ready remove from oven, sprinkle with castor sugar and cut into portions. Leave in tin to cool.

31-Oct-06, 22:13
I had a great recipe years ago it had ground rice in it, can't find it anywhere but it made the best shortbread ever.

If anyone has a recipe with ground rice as one of the ingredients could they please post it for me


01-Nov-06, 16:18
Changilass ~ you can substitute the cornflour in my recipe for ground rice. If done it a few times when I've run out of cornflour and it tastes fine.

02-Nov-06, 18:17
Piglet & Buttercup thank you so much, you've been a big help. xxx

16-Mar-07, 20:00
I would like to thank Piglet for the shortbread recipe. I am a little late with the thanks. I have made the recipe several times....starting before Christmas. Everyone loved them.
Thanks again!!

17-Mar-07, 14:02
Not a problem. Glad u enjoyed.:Razz