View Full Version : Very loving home needed

mop top
13-Jan-12, 19:30
Very sad to be doing this but need to find a new home for Fergus an 18 month old ginger tom with white socks. Fergus moved in with us about 9 months ago he was a stray whom we suspect was dumped in the area. We had him neutered about 8 months ago. He has a wonderful laid back nature and lives happily with my dogs etc. I truly love him to bits but it turns out that i am badly allergic to him to the extent that it has caused asthma and constant sneezing etc. I have tried everything ie anti histamines and have even invested in petalcleanse none of which has helped. I previously had a cat which had not got this effect on me so extremely surprised that Fergus has caused this

He is good with children and a very tolerant cat but i would prefer him to go somewhere with older children or none at all and somewhere not too close to any busy roads.

Please pm me for more details on Fergus:~(