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13-Jan-12, 15:42
THIS NEEDS TO BE CIRCULATED AND PEOPLE NEED TO BE EXTRA VIGILANT!!! To our knowledge from 4th November since Karen Davies dog Bliss went missing , there are now 8 dogs missing without trace!! Suspicious - very , the dogs haven't been seen and no bodies have been found - so where are they and who has them and why?? They have even been taken from gardens . This needs to be investigated further . Please keep a look out and be extra vigilant with your pets!!!

14-Jan-12, 23:47
This is frightening as there have been reports of dogs going missing/stolen throughout the UK.....Hope they all turn up, but it doesn't sound good. xx

14-Jan-12, 23:58
I seen on facebook page 'Scottish Show dogs', There has been a white van with the logo ' HAPPY HOUNDS ' going round and dogs going missing when there in your area 4 dogs went missing from Falkirk area recently..........!!!!!! [evil] Keep your dogs very safe watch out for this Van......!!!

15-Jan-12, 01:26
Froal I hope you don't mind that I copy and paste this onto my Facebook wall. Do you know if it is any particular breed or type? xx

15-Jan-12, 20:28
Don't think so but i will check..!!

15-Jan-12, 22:14
Last year friend in Berneray who has a very friendly westie, dog in the garden and secure, neighbour phoned her to say there was a dog very like her one down on the point with a couple of tourists.
She went off out to check, her one had disappeared, off down to the point about 100 yards and called to the dog, it was her dog and the couple said they thought it was a stray and were going to take her into their car.
The dog has never before or since managed to get out of the garden and the westie is 6.
Not cat-napping these days its dog-napping.
Luckily my two bark like mad when anyone comes anywhere near their territory, 100 yds away if its a stranger they start, if its a local they wait until 10 yds away but nobody gets past without a bark to tell them they have been seen and to see them on the way.

16-Jan-12, 22:18
Dogs going missing on Skye too.Its very worrying as our big softie thinks everyones a friend and jumps quiet readily into a boot of a car if left open.Luckily his "big" sister is alwas with him and she's not so trusting.

17-Jan-12, 08:17
Never can be too vigilant. You think they are safe but it would take a matter of seconds for them to disappear

17-Jan-12, 14:16
This is just awful!!!!! My heart goes out to everyone whose dogs have gone 'missing'.

I just hope these awful people are caught soon!

17-Jan-12, 16:58
Thankfully the rumours have been spreading like wildfire and that's exactly what it is! Rumours!!!! Sorry if i alarmed anyone but posted in good faith. It does happen unfortunately though. Still you cant be too vigilant when it comes to your pets. Island life lol

17-Jan-12, 19:34
Well I am relieved that it's just rumours. :) What about the missing dogs in Skye?

17-Jan-12, 21:27
The police should bring in the canine unit ....

17-Jan-12, 21:58
It was not a rumour about the westie on Berneray, the lady who owns the dog was here talking to me last week, the lady who phoned her was also here and they are not the type to say things like that willy nilly.
Dogs have also gone missing from the island here, usually from enclosed gardens and the animals (usually pedigrees) have been found in tourists vehicles.

18-Jan-12, 13:36
thankfully one of the dogs missing from orkney has now been found. a little skinny but after a week on the run he is fine...

18-Jan-12, 17:33
Over the past year numerous people have posted notices of their "missing" dogs in the shops windows.
Some have disappeared from their own gardens and others appear to have got "lost" from their owners.
Recently a friend lost his wee dog who escaped from the cat flap and hasnt been seen since.Another friend lost both her dogs from the garden,could have been chasing but we'll never know.
Only last week Oh found a notice on a road end stating that his dog was illegally shot and disposed of.

19-Jan-12, 12:09
Only last week Oh found a notice on a road end stating that his dog was illegally shot and disposed of.Illegally? How awful! Why did they leave a note? That's just nasty :(

20-Jan-12, 19:58
There's always notices about missing dogs about the place. My dog got stolen from our garden in Thurso when I was a kid. Very sad and so upsetting imagining where it could be!
I'm reluctant to let my cats out also as there's always cats going missing too :(