View Full Version : Positive thought needed for my cat

pretty green eyes
13-Jan-12, 13:29
I don't post often, my darling cat has to go to the vets this afternoon. Really dreading taken him as I think he has cancer :-( he is a massive part of our family. Hopefully he will b fine.

Beat Bug
13-Jan-12, 14:18
My thoughts are with you this afternoon. Hopefully the vet will dispel your fears, and that what ever is not right with him can be put right.

pretty green eyes
13-Jan-12, 14:26
Thank you :-) I'm hoping!

13-Jan-12, 14:38
Thinking of you and hope everything will be okay.

Let us know how you get on.

pretty green eyes
13-Jan-12, 18:20
Thanks Liz it's not the best news he has about 10-14 days but he is happy at the mo and no pain. As soon as he is in pain then I'll get him put to sleep. He is a major part of the family. Luckily he is as happy

13-Jan-12, 18:38
sorry to here about your beloved cat,but always remember the good times that you have had with him,my thoughts are with you, been there myself,

13-Jan-12, 20:38
Oh no I am so very, very sorry! :(

I'm really glad he isn't in pain and is happy. However, I know how heartbreaking it must be for you and your family. They are part of our family just the same as any human and we feel their loss just as much.

Thinking of you all. Hugs. xxx

pretty green eyes
13-Jan-12, 21:47
He is going to be a big loss, but I'm so glad he isn't in pain! Thanks for everybody's kind words :-)

14-Jan-12, 09:41
Oh Lassie ! My heart goes out to you and your family. :~( My "bairn" (cat) is 18 years old and we've had her since she was a kitten. I cannot even contemplate the day that she will no longer be with us, so I can completely understand how you must be feeling at this worrying time.

Enjoy whatever time you have with your "bairn" and make every moment a happy one.

Thinking of you XXX

14-Jan-12, 23:38
Oh well at least you have time to tell your darling cat everything you need him to know..
How much you love and appreciate him and numerous other secrets...
And give him his fave dinners and not deny him his fave sleeping places ...
And give him a good bye ...
And a chance to decide where he will rest......and what to mark his place with , while he is still there for a hug of comfort.

15-Jan-12, 01:50
I know how you feel I lost my wee dog in oct to cancer it broke my heart I knew for 3 months the time was comming but made it no easier when it did xxxxxxx

pretty green eyes
15-Jan-12, 13:17
Thank you everyone :) he is still doing well! I think he is over the moon that he is getting gorge himself :) Xx