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10-Jan-12, 19:25
Minister for Public Health opens cardiac and interventional radiology suite at Raigmore

RAIGMORE HOSPITAL today welcomed Michael Matheson, Minister for Public Health, to officially open the new 5.1 million purpose built, cardiac and interventional radiology suite.
Dr Peter Clarkson, Head of Service for Cardiology, explained that cardiology services being provided in Highland have increased over the past few years and the new unit brings a wide range of benefits to cardiology patients.
He said: “We started to expand the cardiology service provided within Raigmore Hospital in preparation for the new facilities. Due to space constraints, a temporary unit was put in place which allowed us to develop services further.
“Since the service was set up, as many as 400 patients a year no longer have to travel to Aberdeen for percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) – widening a narrowed artery). In addition, many hundreds of in-patients are now able to have angiograms locally.”
The new state of the art unit, which was one part of a three phase project that also included the refurbishing of staff changing rooms and a brand new medical records department, will house cardiology and interventional radiology services. The new theatre suite for interventional radiology brings an improvement for patients requiring minimally invasive surgery and the staff working in the x-ray department.
Dr Helen Shannon, Head of Service for Radiology, explained that the work done in interventional radiology, providing a wide range of minimally invasive treatments guided by imaging.
She said: “The facility has been designed to operating theatre standards allowing vascular surgeons to work more closely with interventional radiologists. Procedures, which previously involved open operations, can now be performed using keyhole techniques. It also allows emergency department staff to treat critically ill patients.”
The new facilities are designed for greater patient comfort with dedicated preparation and recovery areas. The unit allows greater nursing efficiency and supervision by its well appointed design.
The Minister also received a tour of the staff changing rooms and the medical records department.
The staff changing rooms were refurbished, which not only reduced space but now also meets infection control needs. In addition, a brand new Medical Records department was built making it more spacious and efficient and allowing the Cardiac and Interventional Radiology Suite to go where the previous Medical Records department was.
Public Health Minister, Michael Matheson, said: “The opening of the Cardiac and Interventional Radiology Suite at Raigmore Hospital is a huge step forward for patients and healthcare in the Highlands.
“The facility fits with our vision of delivering more sustainable, high-quality and continually improving health services closer to home.
“Patients will benefit from new surgical techniques as well as being treated in the best possible surroundings.”