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07-Jan-12, 16:26
We adopted a cat at xmas time as she had been homeless for a few months. We believe she is about 3 years old, as far as we know she has always been able to go outside as she pleases. She is originally from the country and we are in the town. I am wondering what the best way is to get her to know her new surroundings so we will be able to let her out and she will know where home is when she comes back.

All advice welcome!

07-Jan-12, 19:22
First of all well done for giving the cat a home! :)

If she is happy to stay indoors then keep her in for as long as you can as this is the best way of making sure she knows she is at home.

Then, when you are both ready to go out it would be a good idea to go out with her the first few times. If you live on a busy road take her out of the back door to get her into the habit of going out this way.
When the time comes for her to go out on her own it's best to let her out before she has eaten so she'll come home when she's hungry.

Has she settled in okay?

07-Jan-12, 20:14
Thanks :)

She has been happy enough although now she is starting to go to the back door but runs away when i open it. Looks like she'll be staying till the weather isn't so cold so i can leave the door open for her so she can go out in her own time.

Yeah she settled in really quick and spends most of the day upstairs going between the bedrooms then is full of energy from about 8pm onwards lol

08-Jan-12, 00:25
Ha ha she's not stupid wanting to stay in just now with the horrible weather!

She'll let you know when she's ready and I'm sure she'll be fine as she knows where she is loved.

Where did you get her? Would love some photos please. :)

08-Jan-12, 09:52
I would do the same if i could lol. That's true. I got her from a couple I know - they began feeding her when her previous owners left her behind. They would have kept her for themselves however their cat wasn't too keen on the presence of another cat

08-Jan-12, 13:44
As a stray cat magnet mysel(!!!!) I've seen this all too often. As Liz has said, your cattty knows where shes well off.
I've had several cats who I've had to coax outside once they got their furry feet into a cosy carpet!!!! They eventually got their confidence up when they realised that theres always a human servant ready to open a window or door to them, and a nice plate of catfood waiting!!!!

08-Jan-12, 17:39
Would love some pics of your new baby :)