View Full Version : Spayed before or after a season

05-Jan-12, 13:58
I'm defo getting my bitch pup spayed and I've always been told it's best to wait till after they have a there first season but she's been very bossy with my gsd so im askin if there's any way to calm her down before I get her spayed or should I just go and do it And by bossy I mean tryin to be top dog but my gsd is havin none of it as she's 8 soon and I don't want them fighting

06-Jan-12, 20:47
Shellie, as they are both bitches they will fight until the Lab is spayed and Pip will want to stand her ground as to her she is top dog. Phone the vet 602088 and they will tell you what's best, I would think you could get it done before her season, as long as she's 6month


07-Jan-12, 01:09
I'm waiting until Katy has her first season before she's spayed. Females spayed earlier often don't grow as well as they should, their joints don't get enough chance to grow, and with a breed like a Lab, joints are not to be messed with. If I had a Lab, she would be spayed between 18months and a year. But of course, its your choice.

Just remember, spaying might remove hormones, but it doesn't remove habits, you can stop bossiness with training over surgery.

07-Jan-12, 01:13
It doesn really matter.....its your preferance....

07-Jan-12, 21:10
I was advised by the vets in Thurso to let my dog have her first season before spaying. I was told it is best to have her spayed 3 months after her season (this would be half way between the first season and the next due one). My dog was late having her first season as she was 17 months old. She is getting spayed this month............I am dreading it as don't want to see her in pain.

08-Jan-12, 14:30
Thanks everyone Jenni she will be fine my gsd was spayed at 9 months and she was fine she did have the poor mes for a day or to after but apart from that she was fine I also think I worded my first post wrong there no fightin as such but lex is very rough with pip when there playing and lex has just started to try and hump pips head and sitting in her face I've never had the behaviour before so any advice on this would be really gd thanks again

11-Jan-12, 13:02
I had my black lab pup spayed at 7 months old, before her first season. She lived to 14, vet said it might lower the risk of tumours in later life if she had never had a season.

Had my latest dog, a rescue collie/lab cross spayed at 8 years old, waited until half way between seasons so like Jenni said it's usually about 3 months.

As for the pain the hardest thing is trying to keep them calm for a while while they heal up, not running about and playing, both mine were back to normal in a couple of days but the wounds take a bit longer to heal. Tough things dogs.