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wavy davy
04-Jan-12, 01:56
Car paintwork a bit tired. Was just going to give it a go myself but read on the net about "claying" before polishing. Sounds like too much hard work for me but it would be nice to get the car looking good again. Anyone recommend a good car valet - no cowboys - don't mind paying for somebody who knows what they are doing.


05-Jan-12, 21:47
Hi Davy

had my car done once by a guy called upolian on here, he lives in Watten, amazing difference to the paint work, really top class job, worth trying him

06-Jan-12, 15:04
Hi,sounds like your paint has suffered slight oxidisation,polishing over a car that isn't clayed,not a good idea,especially if it's oxidised! It will need de-contaminated fully before even going close to renovating the paint with polish..

Give me a pm for more details www.ecosse-autodetailing.co.uk (http://www.ecosse-autodetailing.co.uk) well known all over the UK!!

06-Jan-12, 15:58
Try our very own Ducati here on the org.

He has done various valeting work for my husband and I and has a good eye for detail, and makes a really good job both inside and out.

Have sent you PM.

09-Jan-12, 19:28
Upolian: He's the guy for you... for all of us actually.
Knows what he's doing, and does it well.

Highly recommended.