View Full Version : looking for craig gravel

23-Mar-02, 21:57
im looking for Craig Gravel he was in the thurso area in 1994/5. He will be about 23 and has an english accent. i would be grateful if you lnow anything about him to contact me, this is very important that i find him, thank you very much. :grin: :lol:

25-Mar-02, 17:15
Hi Claire

I knew Craig when he lived up here, but i have not seen him for over 2 years, I believe he may be back in england. He use to go out with a local girl from Castletown but then he moved away.

Iwill ask about and if i hear anything I will let you know. :lol:

28-Nov-02, 21:15

21-Dec-02, 20:03

If you are still looking for Craig, I have an address & telephone number for him. You can let me know.