View Full Version : Any fellow BEARDED DRAGON owners ??????

31-Dec-11, 19:37
Looking for any long term owners or newbies who have one of these amazing pets

Just to share any info, what there eating, there viv setup, how there behave and general get as much experience as possible from real life owners

pm please...............

31-Dec-11, 21:33
My son has 2-- Dr Pepper and Fanta plus a Lizard Gekko called sorass. Gekko is about 11yr old and dragons about 14 month

31-Dec-11, 21:54
We have 2 females (Esme and Gytha) about 14 month old, live in a 4ft x 2ft viv with tiles on the floor, a home build platform and a large piece of the wood from pets at home. They also have a large shallow water dish where they go for a soak.

They eat spring greans, dusted with calci dust and calci worms.

They have uv light and also heat light.

They go on holiday to a lovely lady in Caithness whenever we go on hols and seem to thrive on it.