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31-Dec-11, 16:49
We at Viking Motors would like to say thank you for your custom and enquiries during 2011, we have met some great people over the year and made some good friends :)
We wish you all the best for the new year when it comes and hope to see you all again in 2012

Paula & Michael

31-Dec-11, 19:31
but you met Chris & I in 2011, surely you can't mean 'all' your customers :)
Have a great New Year & we hope a very successful one.

31-Dec-11, 20:06
lol yes you two included in that ;) xx

Nick Noble
31-Dec-11, 20:58
I'll be round to give you grief soon, I hope your back gets sorted, and that Viking motors goes from strength to strength in 2012.

How you fixed to swap the springs on a Previa back to normal ones instead of the "nice" lowered springs which currently result in me scraping the underneath on any slight bump in the road.

01-Jan-12, 00:30
Thanks Nick :)
pop up sometime and we will sort out when to do it :) we're there from monday!