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29-Oct-06, 02:55
I lay down a challenge!!

Spot: The Venue, The Guitarist, The Chord being played, (and if your VERY clever - the Band!!!)

No prizes - just a laugh . . . . . .


29-Oct-06, 03:00
Isaac Sutherland

Chord: either an " E ".. or A minor

Band: Whiskey

Location: Weigh Inn Pentland Suit!

29-Oct-06, 03:02
:lol: Line 6 geetar

and his drink.. probs a "
Black & Tan "

29-Oct-06, 03:05
Your . . . .Soooo . . . . close to most of it!!

(I'm nitt picking fairly heavily here), but a good try.:cool:

29-Oct-06, 03:09
infact might even be a E minor?

29-Oct-06, 03:17
Not being a guitarist myself, I'll have to relay on more qualified judgement regarding the chord being played. (I only know a G Chord).

I was more specifically interested in spelling issues and the actual drink in question!!

Also for a bonus point - What was the song???:confused

29-Oct-06, 10:39
the Venue: Weigh inn
The Guitarist: Izzy
The Chord being played: Deformed rabbit
The Band: Whiskey

29-Oct-06, 11:24
That was some complicated dance they were doing, I was dizzy just watching. Luckily the speaker obscures my bald heed at the back of the hall or you would of got some glare in your photo LOL!!

and what they said for the rest I know what a guitar looks like but thats about it.

29-Oct-06, 17:36
At last, someone who can spell Whisky the Scottish way (not the Irish).

Also, venue - Weigh Inn (that was the easy part)

chobbers is the guitarist. (The pedal board is also a big giveaway)
His drink is normally lager (though he has been know to refuse any alcohol)

The song is the Witches Reel (hence the complicated dance also)

Now if I knew what key this is played in a would also have a better idea of the chord. Chobbers would know best I guess.

29-Oct-06, 20:22
Looks like he's playing an Em to me.

30-Oct-06, 13:27
I reckon its Asus2 being played

30-Oct-06, 13:56
I don't know any chords :(

30-Oct-06, 14:54
I don't know the chords, but I recognize the dance.

Yes, they do get complicated, but they are so much fun when you get them going just right.

30-Oct-06, 17:16
I reckon its Asus2 being played

yeesh an educated orgusician:Razz well done busy

I was pacing myself on the beer (lager) as I had a party to attend after the gig, so there was a smattering of appletise to eek it oot

I had a good night on the strings, there was no wannabe duress acts trying to throw me off ma stride

Knew solo act tribute to duress is "Youress" aka "stones BHEY"

Duress aka Bones BHEY

18-Nov-06, 19:01
i just notised is that the suit u and glebber2 wore when i played with the fats band in the backer?