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pipey mcgraw
15-Dec-04, 17:49
alrite chaps it swannie e guitarist from Jude. jus wonderin wot e crack is on xmas eve in e yard we r both meant to be playin. We are playin on hogmanay so maybe we could play for a while then yees could play when its busy. we have gear and you's can use it if u want.


16-Dec-04, 21:57
Alrite Jude, sounds good man. Just wondering what type of guitar amp and bass amp u boys have?? Apart from that, everything seems fine. See u there.


Estrella (EstrellaRocks.com)

pipey mcgraw
17-Dec-04, 15:22
we hev a line 6 flextone 2 and a roland VGA-5 for e guitars and use a keyboard amp for e bass , bring your own if yees wud prefer cos nothin needs to be miked up bar drums n singin'. if yees r through early could get a good soundcheck and a bottle o wicks finest cider ha .


catch yees

18-Dec-04, 15:24
sounds good lads. We will prob be takin our own guitar amp apart from that it sounds like a fine set up. See u guys there


19-Dec-04, 02:24
thanks to estrella for playing at my girl friends birthday party ,it made her night she was well chuffed :D

02-Jul-06, 23:58
jude Theres A Name I Havnt Heard In Ages>>> Were U Guys Hiding?

03-Jul-06, 16:27
kinda playd 2 much in Wick and didna want to bore the punters so we only do it now and again! :cool:

03-Jul-06, 16:35
You ever played in Thurso?

03-Jul-06, 16:43
I think we played at one of them old 'Ard Rock gigs but at was about it. Wheres e best place to get a gig?

03-Jul-06, 16:59
{{{ I will talk from Experince }}}

Newmarket bar is a really good atmosphere... Its nice cosy... Need a blow fan though very sweaty!..

Park Hotel Public Bar... Played Awesome... Small.. But just right... I'm in a 5 piece band... We fitted fin with room to spare... Was a great night!

Holborn ... A very fancie turned place... acoustics arnt great they cud do with carpets on the walls or sumthing... But its ok... acoustics wierd because its just a long striaght u know..

Redwood... Amazing feeling the redwood... great fun always a good turn out!

VIEWFIRTH RIP.. was the ultimate

Skins... best palce ive ever played... Dont get better up here

'Ard ROCK RIP... :~( being em back!... in thurso high... Awesome stage nice lights... Just the problem with it... Drink... U know.. alchol.. Cant be having it in there... so thats the downer

03-Jul-06, 21:35
I think Skins is guff. The crowd are usually guff. If you're playing a night there's a disco on especially.

Redwood seems pretty good. Used to be pretty bad a few years ago, but if a lot of youngsters go, its pretty good.

Viewfirth was always good too. Great venue. Sadly missed