View Full Version : Driver admits collision and being over the limit

30-Dec-11, 13:38
Keiss motorist could lose his car
as well as licence in New Year

A CAITHNESS driver could be the first in the county to lose his car as
well as his licence under forfeiture legislation for drinks drivers.
Wick senior fiscal depute, David Barclay, gave notice that he intends
to move for forfeiture of Ian Campbell's car when he appears for
sentence in the New Year.
Campbell, of South Street, Keiss, appeared from custody and admitted
driving carelessly and with excess alcohol when he appeared at Wick
Sheriff Court today.
He collded with a car at a roundabout in Bridge Street in the town,
yesterday. Tests revealed a breath-alcohol level of 117 mgs, more than
three time the legal limit.
Pleas of not guilty to failing to stop and report the accident were
accepted by the Crown.
Campbell (51) was granted bail and is subject to interim
disqualification pending his reappearance in court, on Wednesday. His
car is being impounded by the police, meantime.