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29-Dec-11, 13:05
hi hope its ok to advertise this here, if not feel free to remove :)

i have some spaces available for deliveries for the Press and journal in pulteney side of wick
so if youd like your papers delivered feel free to send a pm or call 07909575102 for more info


Bill Fernie
30-Dec-11, 00:15
Perfectly OK.

Anything that helps promote a Caithness business can be placed in this section. It is FREE to use and we hope that many new businesses will take advantage of it to let everyone know they have started up. Also for established businesses to let us all know about new products or ranges they now stock.

Got a sale starting then place it in the business section any time.

If in doubt about what can be placed then just contact us. For the most part any Caithness located business can put items in this section. Part of the idea is to help reduce costs to locaol businesses and make life easier for everyone in the area to see what is available.

Good Luck finding more people who want papers delivered.

30-Dec-11, 18:17
I would love to have the paper delivered to Thrumster. Miss the guy who had the paper shop in Pulteney town as he delivered out here.